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The Nature of the Beast and IWRY

Hi Everyone

I’ve been hiding under a rock, I know, so I hope someone is still there... *Waves to everyone listening*

You might have seen on the IWRY LJ that Dark Star has dragged me out from under said rock to host the 2013 IWRY Fic Marathon, so I hope to see you all there, at least.

As you know, IWRY is for standalone stories, so the real piece of news, for anyone who’s interested, is that Dark Star has been incredibly generous, and allowed me to use the event for the very final story in The Nature of the Beast series.

Yes, Schism is written and done, all 55,000 words of it, bringing our story cycle to a close. I hope you will all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’m remarkably sorry to have reached the end. There are so many untold stories in it, but then, there are so many other untold stories that I want to write, and I’m definitely not getting any younger!

Stop looking for a link for Schism! You know I can’t post it until it’s up at IWRY. And don’t ask me when it will be up there, because Dark Star hasn’t told me yet. You’ll just have to check in each day... Such a hardship, to read all those new stories.

I do have another, very short story that I’ve written for the event, and I hope you’ll enjoy that, too.

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